Leah Obscure

height: 65 inch
birthday: February 10th
place of birth: Burgstädt
hair color: black – red
eye color: brown
measurements: 35.5 – 23.5 – 35.5
favourite music genre: Heavy Metal – Power Metal – Thrash Metal – Speed Metal – Black Metal
favourite bands: Iron Maiden – Behemoth – Amon Amarth – Kreator
favourite movies: Harry Potter 1 – 7
favourite series: The Witcher – Lost in Space – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Stranger Things
favourite food: Okroschka – pasta
favorite artist: Dani Divine
most beautiful country: Switzerland
favourite book/-comic: Shining – Dr Sleep – Meteor / Lenore – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
favourite drink: Gin-Tonic
favourite games: Witcher – Borderlands 3 – WoW – Sims – Diablo III
favourite destination: Australia – New Zealand – Iceland – nordic countries
best concert: Iron Maiden at the Waldbühne 2016 and Behemoth at the Full Force 2019
favourite perfume: Gucci Black Guilty
the perfect day: Spending a delicious breakfast with my loved ones & time together, e.g. out in nature, going for a walk, gaming, reading or watching a film/series together.
the perfect night: Cosy atmosphere, good music, a good film and a good drink.

Loving and affectionate cat lover is looking for complete idiots to scratch out their eyes and common castration! Intelligent representatives of the male species are very welcome and will be stroked!

A few impressions of us

Dead Chicks Fashion Design (2020)

Berlin By Night (2018)

Awaken (2017)

Summertime (2019)

White Demons (2018)

Haunted House (2016)

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Alissa Noir

height: 65 inch
birthday December 16th
place of birth Russia, Siberia
hair color: black
eye color: grey-green
measurements: 37.5 – 25.5 – 38
favourite music genre: Thrash Metal – Death Metal – Black Metal
favourite bands: Primordial – Behemoth – Kreator – Verdunkeln – Ezkaton – Raventale – Amon Amarth – Batushka – Drudkh – Dimmu Borgir
favourite movies: Harry Potter – Herr der Ringe – Interview mit einem Vampir – The Village
favourite series: The Witcher – Lost in Space – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Grimm – Vikings – How to get away with murder
favourite food: pizza – barbecue cheese – steak and potatoes – lasagne
favourite artist: Dita von Teese
most beautiful country: Switzerland
favorite book/-comic: Harry Potter – Graf von Monte Christo – Vom Winde verweht / Lenore – The Witcher – Lady Mechanika
favourite drinks: smoky Whiskey – Rum – Martini Dry
favourite games: God of War – The Witcher – Resident Evil – Plague Tale Innocence – Gothic – Harry Potter – House of Dead – World of Warcraft
favourite destination: New Zealand – Norway – to the moon (less people and you know ;))
best concert: Batushka – at the Full Force 2019. Great show and lots of incense!
favourite perfume: Patchouli with dark cherry
the perfect day: Stomp through fresh snow in the mountains!
the perfect night: Good music, many candles, incense on the charcoal, good drink and the company of kind people.

What I wish for: An extensive zombie apocalypse in the nightly moonlight with romantic metal sounds and …. somehow the epic scene from “Deathgasm” comes to my mind…