26. July 2020

The first training plan is now available!

After struggling through a few standard exercises in the first week, Dave gave us our first beginner's plan. You are afraid? yeah yeah, that's what we thought too.

Basically it's not about working out, building up a lot of muscles, training for a marathon or standing in the gym for hours. The first exercises are simply designed to get the body used to effort and sport again. Dave said: "First you should get rid of the first sore muscles, then everything will be easier".

Who wants to get fit, has to start!

Like Dave said: Work towards doing 2-3 turns to challenge your body a little. If it's only one round the first time because you have to get into the exercises, watch the sample videos or just aren't fully motivated yet, that's not bad. But don't be satisfied with just saying: One round of exercise is enough.

In the end it's only 14 minutes per round, in which you are active for 7 minutes! Personally, we were a bit lazy about it and we quickly tried to add something to it... because somehow it's just a matter of your head where you say to yourself: oh come on, I can do another 14 minutes. Let's see how many laps we are at the end of the season...

The training plan to print out!

Here we go! As you can see, we were also very busy and have at least done 2 rounds!

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All for beginners? Not necessarily!