Project Description

The Dead Chicks go live…!

Somehow it was only a matter of time before we ended up at Twitch, right? Some say: FINALLY!, others rather: What the hell? We say: Shut up and enjoy!

No seriously, there are actually a few reasons why we are on Twitch now and these are mainly because of private circumstances. Let’s explain them briefly: Of course, we have heard on our social media channels that we should stream on Twitch and why we don’t have an account there yet. But in the end that was not even the decisive reason. It was rather that we just wanted to play games more often and otherwise didn’t find the time for it. But it’s our private time out during the week when we don’t have to think about our business, but can just relax. And where better to do that in a cozy evening together with cool people?

If you want to get some impressions and need a little more information, you are welcome to have a look here!

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Here are a few highlights from our clips

Attack of the Emotes – The Zombie

An icy wind blows through the night… the leaves are flying around and make the night a little scarier. The hinges of the open cemetery gate squeak terribly and mix with the other sounds to a dark melody.

But wait, hadn’t the gate been firmly closed by the old cemetery caretaker just a few hours ago? Who is going to the resting place of the dead at this hour? No sooner have you thought the thought through, than you hear a soft whimpering and a groaning behind you! You turn around in panic, but you see nothing… Until your eyes wander to the ground and you look into 2 big, dull eyes and hear a strange voice say:

Do you like candies?

…and without any joke: Welcome to our Emotes…!

We would like to thank every subscriber, every donator and every follower for joining our Twitch adventure and being so loyal to us. Thank you very much for your support and the nice hours. In return we try to make your time a little bit nicer and have created our theme and small emotes for you. To all subscribers: We hope you have fun with it and give as many chats out there as possible the “Dead Chicks Zombie Feeling”.

So, and whoever hasn’t yet acquired a taste for horror and horror, can’t be helped. So off to Twitch and leave us a follow. We promise we will not disappoint you!

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