Project Description

Not those „influencers” again!

We are well aware that the word “influencer” is often regarded as a swearword and is synonymous with „Instagram-wannabe-model-with-an-exaggerated-penchant-for-narcissism-who-wants-much-money-for-zero-work”.

But there are other ways to do it and many people now understand that it is actually real work most of the time. In the beginning we might have thought like many do and with a good shot of prejudice. But after we have worked with many bands, promoters and brands we can say: it’s a hard piece of work.

Otherwise, however, very many things are possible. Be it in the Instagram section via Feed Posts and Story, Twitter, Youtube, B-Roll recordings of festivals or events or even competitions. We are always very happy when we can be creative together with people.

If you also want to work together in the context of an event, a release or a contest, then just write us a message. We are looking forward to it!

Examples of our work

Kreator – 666 – World Divided (2020 – official video)

Wacken (2019)

Summer Breeze (2019)

Full Force Part 2 (2019)

Weekend of Hell (2019)

Damnation Defaced (2020)

Wacken by night (2019)

Summer Breeze by night (2019)

Full Force Part 1 (2019)

Wacken (2018)

Who are we working with?

In the meantime, we are approached from time to time by brands and companies who ask us if we could work with them. Starting with the fact that they want to book us especially as models or ask us if we can’t even do a review for an album. There are actually only 2 rules:

1. It has to suit us, because of our hobbies or our genre taste.

2. We must really be up for it.

Anything else would make absolutely no sense. Because nobody would buy it if we suddenly said: Ok, Helene Fischer is now the hottest shit for us, we absolutely have to go to a concert. So we would really lose the credibility we have gained in the last years and on the other hand the band would not reach the target group they want to reach.

Thanks !

A huge thank you goes out to all of you. Your encouragement is a great motivation for us to keep going, to be creative and simply present you with great events or things.

We would also like to thank the companies that make it all possible and continue to support us so that we can produce great content.