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Dead Chicks Fashion Design

Our very personal playground? You could call it something like that, because in the last 3 years we have really let off some steam in this project. Well, admittedly it is mainly our boyfriend who is the driving force there although he always says: “If you two weren’t here, I would miss the most important motivation to do something like this! […]

Our new website

Finally, here we are! We had our new homepage on the to-do list for ages now and finally we made it. We hope that you like it as much as we do. We thought a lot about several things, what you might be interested in, what it should look like, what should not be on it and so on. […]

Our projects

Leah Obscure

age: born in the 90´s

height: 65 inch

favorite Metal genre: Power, Speed, Trash, Black

Alissa Noir

age: yes, I have one

height: 65 inch

favorite Metal genre: Black, Death, Trash

Fun Facts

Metal Shirts
cats petted
Instagram posts
XXX videos


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