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Twitch – live is live

Live is live is Twitch. Or at least it is for us at the moment. It took a long time until we dared to do another Livestream besides our jobs. Here are a few reasons to mention. We love computer games. Some of you have already noticed it on Instagram in the last few years. But we have always done it privately, by the way, whenever we had the chance. But unfortunately, it has become less and less in the last time. Sure, we already recorded let's plays for Patreon, but somehow it always felt a [...]

Our projects

Leah Obscure

age: born in the 90´s

height: 65 inch

favorite Metal genre: Power, Speed, Thrash, Black

Alissa Noir

age: yes, I have one

height: 65 inch

favorite Metal genre: Black, Death, Thrash

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