Project Description

Finally, more stuff from the Dead Chicks

We’ve been thinking for a long time how we can finally show you more of us, who the hell we are and what we do besides Instagram and Youtube. There are a lot of questions about our private life, our relationship and our job coming in via Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Co. But let’s be honest, they don’t really have a place on the FSK-Baby platforms.

We are happy like Bolle about all your support and would like to do much, much more, show you more behind the scenes, stuff from our everyday life, etc. If you are interested in all this and want to have additional material that is even less suitable for Youtube than the Teletubbies for growing kids, here is your chance.

What is more on Patreon?

At Patreon there is a lot of us that we just can’t show on the other platforms for FSK purposes or simply don’t like to talk about it – our job for example. Or even more pictures of a photoshoot and not only those that are buttoned up to the top. Of course, there are some that are “SFW” (safe for work) and suitable for Instagram, but there are also some that you better not look at in the office with your boss (NSFW – not safe for work). For more details see the FAQs below. In general you should be prepared for the following topics:

– Heavy Metal

– Games

– Behind the scenes

– Shooting photos

– more reviews

– nerd stuff

Well, and there’s another reason: We have many fans around the globe and we would like to show you all something of us. Since we want to keep our small but nice Youtube channel German, we can do something for everybody on Patreon.

So here is the hard reality and the good news for our international fans: Patreon will have 99% English content.

What exactly are the different tiers?

With the “Membership Levels” you can freely decide how much you want to support us and which content or “goodie” you are interested in. Some levels are a bit higher, simply because they either make a bit more work or are more intimate or special. But no matter which one you choose: our gratitude, a kiss on the cheek and a big grin on our face is guaranteed!

Preserved Brain



„Your brain empowers our existence.“

  • gain access to all journal posts
  • access to our closed Discord channels related to your Tier
  • monthly preview Video
  • 3 Bone Shards every month!

Includes Discord benefits




„An undefeated army shall bring the plague of death!“

  •    SFW feed videos and Let´s Plays
  •    access to our closed Discord channels related to your and lower Tier
  •    access to pollings and votings
  •    10 Bone Shards every month!
  •    All previous tier rewards

Includes Discord benefits

Skeleton Knight



„There’s still a lot more in you than just bones!“

  • NSFW Selfies
  • Podcast SFW / NSFW
  • 1 HQ/4K background image for different devices
  • access to our closed Discord channels related to your and lower Tiers
  • 5% discount in our merch shop (upcoming soon)
  • 25 Bone Shards every month!
  • All previous tier rewards

Includes Discord benefits

Here is a small FAQ about our Patreon